Our Story


London based Sens8ate Skincare Botanicals has launched in the UK with a range of premium and natural, vegan-friendly products, blended with the finest botanical ingredients and superfood oils that are crafted to nourish, hydrate and revive the skin.

Embodying consumer ideals of products that look great, work effectively on the skin and are kind to the environment, Sens8ate Skincare Botanicals have ranges which are infused with mother nature's supportive elements, offering products which are over 95% natural, without compromising on the quality and potency of the botanicals. Not only that, Sens8ate Skincare Botanicals are committed to ensuring that their premium ranges contribute to safeguarding the environment for future generations, creating products which are not only loving and gentle to the skin, but also to any life form.

Founded by husband-and-wife team Patrick and Gomolemo Shirley, Sens8ate Skincare began back in 2018 after an investigation into what was making their once flawless skin suddenly not so flawless. After discovering that the skincare products they were using were to blame (packed with parabens, sulphates, and formaldehyde), the two entrepreneurs set off on an endeavour to create  help others avoid the woeful side effects of many well-known brand names and off-the-shelf skincare products.

Despite Patrick growing up in the UK and Gomolemo originating from South Africa, both had grown up in households that were very much oriented in natural herbal remedies and botanical extracts to cure ailments. This deep-rooted foundation in plants and herbs would come to serve them well as this is what they turned to seek answers for effective skincare. Through an eighteen-month research process, the Shirley’s curated the ingredients needed to create highly effective skincare products that were completely void of all the harsh chemicals that cause damage to the skin, the body, and the planet.

Crafted exclusively in the UK and packaged in glass bottles and jars with as little plastic as possible, all Sens8ate Skincare products also come with lids made from real wood and boxes crafted out of 100% real birch wood. The unique selling point of the products available from Sens8ate is that they are simultaneously stylish and elegant, effective, and eco-conscious.

It is also quite rare to find ethical skincare that looks good whilst also being effective. Incorporating real wood into the packaging is also unique and aesthetically appealing.

The current Sens8ate collection contains specialised products in four categories: Cleansers, Moisturisers, Serums, and CBD. We hope you will get to know Sens8ate and start getting incredible results on your skin!